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Every Friday (rain, hail or shine) we enjoy a walk together to enjoy our natural environment at Hammond Park. No week is ever the same and it is something special to see children with no equipment or toys: just themselves and the beautiful natural surroundings. Parents are welcome to join us at any time throughout the day. We allow the tamariki (children) to explore, make discoveries and build their resilience. We enjoy a shared lunch in nature and then walk home in time for the final part of our day.

Getting ready

Before we leave we come together as a group to discuss and plan for our outing, identifying risks and going over protocols for the day. Keeping ourselves and each other safe is the main focus before setting off on our adventure.

Exploring & Enjoying

As we walk, the children are encouraged to explore their environment, and we take the time to walk slowly and enjoy the moments for learning in nature together.

Solving problems

We work together to solve problems and encourage each other. Listening to each other encourages us to lorem ipsum sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.  

Making discoveries

Opportunities for new learning are everywhere! Kaiako (teachers) share in the excitement of making discoveries.  Curiosity and investigation are our encouraged as we enjoy our walk.

Community connections

By engaging with and learning about our local community Tamariki feel a sense of connection and belonging.

Building resilience

Managing risks & challenges are a big component to our nature programme. Tamariki (children) have opportunities for physical challenge and test their capabilities and test their limits alongside supportive adults. 

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